Cartomancy and Tarot


This is where we will start publishing information useful to people studying Cartomancy or Tarot as divination tools.

Our first offering is a list of useful links to information about Tarot history, including the origins of some of its symbolism:  This is a link to an index of essays by Robert O’Neill.  He has been researching tarot since the 1950s and he has presented research on Tarot at a few Tarot Symposia…and he lists his sources, God bless him.  There are a set of essays on the Iconology of each major arcana card.  Also, articles on Catharism and the Tarot, and Magic and the Early Tarot.  We love it all.

Robert O’Neill also did this:  He provides sources of the Waite/Smith Tarot Symbols.  Individual features of the major arcana are listed and possible sources are listed along with them.  

Here is a link to the essays of Le Tarot Associazione Culturale, an organization created to gather the most “eminent researchers of the most varied disciplines with the aim to investigate the archetypical, symbolic and allegorical universe.”  Bilingual bonus:  you can choose to read the articles in English or Italian.

A link to the blog Pre-Gebelin Tarot History.  So all stuff dating before Antoine Court de Gebelin introduced the idea of the Tarot being the repository of all esoteric wisdom.  So, this is Tarot pre 1781: