Books and Creative Projects

We have taken a break from providing in-person classes in order to focus on our writing and other creative projects. This page provides information on what we are working on.

Salt Does What You Tell it To: Italian-American Folk Magic by Dee Norman

Fondly remembering her childhood growing up in an Italian-American family, Dee explains the folk magical traditions that she learned at the elbows of her Mother and Grandmother. A patchwork of spells, recipes, and instructions on how to live a magical life — Italiano style!

Coming October 2020

Hidden Emblem Lenormand Cartomancy Deck by Dee Norman

The only Lenormand deck of its kind. All 36 images of the traditional Lenormand are represented by painstakingly hand-restored and colored Emblems from a variety of Medieval Emblem Books. Illuminated details reinforce and enhance traditional meanings in a fusion of old, older, and new.

Coming 2020