Let’s tell the future

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This version has Kabalistic influences and includes vintage pictures culled from old publications.

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It’s time to overthrow Apep

Since it is the end of the year, it’s a good time to combat the forces of darkness and Chaos that are abroad in the world.  This ritual is based on the Book of Apep, aka The Book of Knowing the Evolutions of Ra.  The information is translated from the Bremmer-Rhind Papyrus.

The ritual has been written for five people (a reader/reciter of prayers, and four others performing the actions).  However, adaptations can be made to accomodate any number of participants.

Please feel free to adept, personalize or change this riutal as you see fit, as long as the resulting ritual conforms to the intent:  to strengthen the Light in the world while overthrowing the forces of Darkness and Chaos.

Overthrowing Apep (Apophis)
Ritual by: Soror Levavi

Necessary Materials:
Fresh paper
Green pens
Fire poof bowl
Knife(s) S
Skewer(s) Y
Yarn pieces


Welcome, Brothers and Sisters to this sacred Temple. Tonight, we do the work of LVX in order to overthrow the forces of Evil and Chaos in this our physical world. We have always been and will always be Gods. Every man and every woman is a star. But tonight, we take on the sacred mantle of divinity in order to become Ra and assist in his work of order and light. Be thou gladdened by the work, for it is necessary and vital to the ordered working of our reality.

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