Kabbalistic Correspondences

We just recently had an amazing time visiting Infinitea Magik and presenting a new class: Kabbalah — An Introduction.

We shared a lot of information in the class, and promised to provide some of it.  So here is a handy PDF: Tree of Life Correspondences.



It’s time

We do Magic.  We are Magicians.  We chant, we sing, we drum, we cast circles and recite prayers, light candles, burn incense, mix oils, and wave wands.  And we do much more.  We create rituals and spells — rituals to get us through a tight financial spot, spells to sweeten up a boss, to protect our homes, to travel in our dreams.


We do so much.

We are creators, and crafters, priests and priestesses of our faiths (if we have faiths).

But is there a higher purpose?


Some magic users think there is.  Some of us work towards something that defies words.  A union with an ineffable source, a return to LVX, an elevation of our human natures.  It’s got a lot of names.  Some call it “Doing the Great Work.”  Some call it “Redintegration.”
(Redintegration is not a misspelling, by the way.)  Some don’t have words for it it at all.

Now, brace yourselves.  Because this isn’t going to turn into your garden variety “high magic vs low magic” blog post.  There are plenty of those out there already.

What this post is, what this post has to be, is a shout out to my tribe.  I haven’t met all the members of my tribe, and I never will.  My tribe consists of magic users and mystics (though they may not self-identify that way) who all work towards that one thing — that striving for union with the divine.  That worship and adoration of the source of all.  Those who are seeking LVX.

And this is what I am shouting out right now:

It is time.  It is time to work, magically and practically, against the forces out there that are trying to divide, destroy unity, and break bonds.  Against the forces out there (magical and physical and spiritual) that encourage people to think they are better than others, that promote the subjugation of others, and that teach the lie that physical appearance on this plane matters in some way.  You know what I’m talking about.

The forces that say one color of skin is better than another.

The forces that say one gender is better than another.

The forces that say one religion (or no religion at all) is better than another.

The forces that oppose Liberty, Freedom, and Love.

For those of us working towards LVX, we need to get real.  Nasty things are going on.  Nasty symbols are being displayed and venerated.  It’s time to educate yourself about what is going on.  It’s time to work against the forces of Darkness.  If you aren’t doing that, then what are you doing?

— DN

Let’s tell the future

Behold the beauty of the Kabalistic Fortune Teller!

Remember making these in grade school?

This version has Kabalistic influences and includes vintage pictures culled from old publications.

It was a joy to make and it’s fun to use!

We have made a high-resolution print version on sturdy card stock and it’s a beaut.

Check it out:


If you’d like a non-watermarked version, contact us.
Electronic copy:  99¢

Hard copy printed on beautiful card stock:  $1.99 + shipping.

Amaze your friends!  Entertain passing children!

It’s time to overthrow Apep

Since it is the end of the year, it’s a good time to combat the forces of darkness and Chaos that are abroad in the world.  This ritual is based on the Book of Apep, aka The Book of Knowing the Evolutions of Ra.  The information is translated from the Bremmer-Rhind Papyrus.

The ritual has been written for five people (a reader/reciter of prayers, and four others performing the actions).  However, adaptations can be made to accomodate any number of participants.

Please feel free to adept, personalize or change this riutal as you see fit, as long as the resulting ritual conforms to the intent:  to strengthen the Light in the world while overthrowing the forces of Darkness and Chaos.

Overthrowing Apep (Apophis)
Ritual by: Soror Levavi

Necessary Materials:
Fresh paper
Green pens
Fire poof bowl
Knife(s) S
Skewer(s) Y
Yarn pieces


Welcome, Brothers and Sisters to this sacred Temple. Tonight, we do the work of LVX in order to overthrow the forces of Evil and Chaos in this our physical world. We have always been and will always be Gods. Every man and every woman is a star. But tonight, we take on the sacred mantle of divinity in order to become Ra and assist in his work of order and light. Be thou gladdened by the work, for it is necessary and vital to the ordered working of our reality.

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