Make Magick

Star torch

Hold your breath, close your eyes, make a wish.  Make magick.  Decide on an outcome and dare to impose your Will upon the universe.  Make magick.  Create a work of art, of symbols in motion.  Make magick.  Gather the supplies and choose the right time.  Make magick.  Collect the gossamer threads of what if and one day and weave them into the ever-present now.  Make magick.

Is magick the muddled and deluded proto-science of ages gone by?  Is it a psychological trick that only works for the credulous?  Is it “real” — an untouchable, unseeable, ungraspable force that we can use to create miraculous results?  It is all three, and more than any one person can describe.  It’s ephemeral nature allows for it to be all things at all time.  You can reach into the bucket of potential definitions and fish out any one you like.  You can also drop that definition back in and select another.  The very nature of magick makes it undefinable, indescribable, and ungraspable.

Magic lives in the brushing of a mother’s lips on a hurt knee, in the good luck penny that dad left on the hood of your car, in the song that is special to you and your brother.  Magic resides in moments of wonder with your children, and moments of laughter with your friends.  It lies in this moment, now, as I type this and my daughter sleeps next to me.  We cannot fully define it because it weaves into an out of all things.

You can feel magick working on unexpectedly serene early mornings, driving to work and yet somehow finding the time to breathe, when the sun is just burning the mist off of the hills or the traffic lights are flashing at mostly empty streets.  You can scent it just before a thunderstorm and glimpse it in the light glinting off an old puddles left over from the rain.  Sometimes, it feels like you are holding it in the palm of your hand.  But when you try to pin it down, to define it once and for all and make it finally make sense, all certainties vanish.

Descriptions and theories can only take us so far, magick and the working of it eventually requires some kind of faith — faith in magick and faith in ourselves to be able to wield it.  It takes the type of bravery that is unconcerned with looking ridiculous.  Of course, when we turn to it in times of despair and desperation, we don’t care about looking ridiculous.    This delicate, ephemeral thing that no one can touch is sometimes the same thing we find ourselves  clutching to like a life line,  holding it close to our chests, no matter how finely spun it is.  And somehow, we make it work.

We make it work without knowing how it works.  We make it work in times of desperate need:   when the money runs out or the kid doesn’t answer his phone or hearts are broken somehow.  

Magick is as natural as breathing.  It is our birthright.  But, we can learn to enhance our control and mastery of that birthright.  Every small piece we learn about how to plan it and how to put it into action, every deeper understanding we have of its history and the origins of its practice contribute to future successes.

Since we at Sol Luna are taking a break from conducting regular classes, we will try instead to breathe some life into this blog and provide occasional guide posts to a deeper understanding of magickal practice.  The esoteric has been our passion for decades now, and we just can’t shut up about it.


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