It’s time to overthrow Apep

Since it is the end of the year, it’s a good time to combat the forces of darkness and Chaos that are abroad in the world.  This ritual is based on the Book of Apep, aka The Book of Knowing the Evolutions of Ra.  The information is translated from the Bremmer-Rhind Papyrus.

The ritual has been written for five people (a reader/reciter of prayers, and four others performing the actions).  However, adaptations can be made to accomodate any number of participants.

Please feel free to adept, personalize or change this riutal as you see fit, as long as the resulting ritual conforms to the intent:  to strengthen the Light in the world while overthrowing the forces of Darkness and Chaos.

Overthrowing Apep (Apophis)
Ritual by: Soror Levavi

Necessary Materials:
Fresh paper
Green pens
Fire poof bowl
Knife(s) S
Skewer(s) Y
Yarn pieces


Welcome, Brothers and Sisters to this sacred Temple. Tonight, we do the work of LVX in order to overthrow the forces of Evil and Chaos in this our physical world. We have always been and will always be Gods. Every man and every woman is a star. But tonight, we take on the sacred mantle of divinity in order to become Ra and assist in his work of order and light. Be thou gladdened by the work, for it is necessary and vital to the ordered working of our reality.

Circle ‘round, Brothers and Sisters, stand hand in hand, receive the blessings of Ra so that we may do his Work:

O our father, lord of the gods, greatest of the Great Ennead, first primal one of the gods, who created men and women, after whose coming into being all beings came into being, we are truly the daughters and sons of thine heart. Divine is this heart which issued from thy shrine, praises come into being with thee, magic making thy protection. how beautiful is that which come forth from our mouths, for we are receivers of excellent counsels.

Come, O Ra, behold us with thine eyes; mayest thou praise what we will do. We will fell APEP in this moment for thee, we will destroy him within his hell, while Hor-merti with his staff cuts off the heads of thy foes, the Butcher with his great knife cuts to pieces the heads of those who rebel against thee, and the Devouring Flame, the fiery one, her fire burns up his soul at his execution-block. But thy soul is joyful, joyful; it has sailed across the sky with a fair breeze.

Crafting Apep

In order that we may do our work most perfectly, we will construct images of our target. Apep or Apophis has long been the avatar of Chaos and Evil in our world. Take up your pens and fresh paper and upon that paper, draw the image of Apep, Snake God of Egypt and avatar of Darkness.

[Time for all to draw image of Apep on small piece of paper in GREEN ink.]
[Place fire proof bowl, padded mat, fire source, skewers, and knives in the center of the circle.] Here begins the felling of Apep, the foe of Ra and the foe of the People of this Land.

The Spell of Spitting Upon Apep

Be thou spat upon, O Apep! (Repeat 4x, once for each participant to spit upon their image)

This is done for Ra and his ka, this is done for the People and their ka(s). Ra has come in power
Ra has come in victory
Ra has come exalted

Ra has come prepared
Ra has come in joy
Ra has come in happiness
Ra has come as king of the North Ra has come as king of the South Ra has come in rejoicing
Ra has come in triumph

Come to your people so that thou mayest crush all their foes for them even as they fell Apep for Thee, as they cut up the ILL DISPOSED ONE for Thee, as they give praise to Your might, as they extol Thee in all they manifestations in which thou shinest for them, even as they fell all Thy foes for Thee daily.

The Spell of Trampling on Apep with the Left Foot

Raise Thee up, O Ra, and crush Thy foes!
Shine thou out, O Ra, for they foes are fallen.
Behold, your people crush all thy foes for thee, O Ra, crush their foes, dead or alive.
Behold, Ra has power over thee, O Apep; his flame rages against thee, it has power over Thee, its fiery blast is sharp against thee, and its fire falls on all the foes of Ra.

May its fire fall on all the foes of your people (4x while each person steps on their image with the left foot)

Be mighty, O Ra, against thy foe, go thou to and fro, O Ra, in thine horizon; may those who are in the Night-bark adore Thee, may the crew of thy bark serve thee joyfully, and mayest thou reappear rejoicing within the Day-bark.
Praise to Thee, O Ra Harakhti (4x)

The Spell of Taking the Spear to Smite Apep

Horus has taken his spear of iron, he has battered the heads of the foes of Ra. Horus has taken his spear of iron, he has battered the heads of the foes of your People. Behold, Horus has taken his spear of iron, he has smitten the heads of the rebels in from of his bark. Raise Thee up, O Ra, chastise him who rebels against thee and cut Apep to pieces that the confederacy of the ILL DISPOSED ONE may fall. Raise thee up, O People, chastise him who rebels against thee and cut to pieces thy foe, that his confederacy may fall. Come, O Ra, in they splendor, that those who are in their shrines may serve thee and that they may adore thee in thy beauty. Arise and shine, for thy foe is not, thy magic power being a protection for thy body. Your people adore Ra and thrust their spears into Apep; they take flaming brands and set fire to him; they chastise the body of Thy foe. Fire is in thee, its flame is in thee, fire is in you, ye foes of the People, and it shall devour you. Raise Thee up, O Ra, chastise him who rebels against Thee, and set fire to Apep, he is bitten in the middle of his back. Oho! Fire is in Apep, but Ra sails with a fair breeze and his crew are possessed with joy, those who are in the horizon, exulting in the sight of him, for he has felled the rebels, the fire has power over APEP, THE ROARER, THE ILL DISPOSED ONE, and they have no peace, no peace. O Ra Harakhti, turn thy fair countenance to your People, that Thou may crush all their foes for them, So that they may adore Ra in every deed.

Ra is triumphant over APEP (4x while people stab Apep image in head).

The people are triumphant over their foes (4x while people stab Apep image in head).

The Spell of Binding Apep

They who should be bound are bound, APEP THAT FOE OF Ra is bound; (4x while binding image)

Mayest thou not know what is done to thee, O APEP. Turn thee back, there being testimony against thee. As for him who flees in his time, he injures his own self when his throat is released. Beware, ye who are bound! Ye are bound by Horus, ye are fettered by Ra, ye shall not become erect, ye shall not copulate, ye shall not be removed from under His fingers, ye are condemned by Ra, ye are fettered by Horus Mekhantenirti.

The Spell of taking the Knife to Smite Apep

Seize, seize O butcher, fell the foe of Ra with thy knife. (4x while stabbing image)

Seize, seize O butcher, fell the foe of the People with thy knife. (4x while stabbing image)

These are your heads, ye rebels. that is the head of thine, O APEP, which are cut off by the warrior-priests with their knives. They head shall be cut off with this knife in the presence of Ra every day, for he allots thee to Aker, and he crushes thy bones.

Be sharp, O Sothis, O flame of Asbyt who has authority over fire, fell ye THE ILL DISPOSED ONE with you knives, cut ye up WENTY with your knives. Be ye cut to pieces because of your evil, be yet cut up because of what ye have done, there being testimony against you; be ye
dealt with according to the evil ye have done. ra is triumphant over you and Horus cuts you up.

The Spell of Setting Fire to Apep

Fire be in thee, O APEP THOU FOE of Ra. May the eye of Horus have power over the soul and the shade of APEP; may the flame of the Eye of Horus devour that foe of Ra; may the flame of the Eye of Horus devour all the foes of the People, dead or alive.

Be thou utterly spat upon, O APEP, get thee back, thou foe of Ra, fall, creep away, take thee off!

We have turned thee back, We have cut thee up, and Ra is triumphant over Thee, O APEP (4x — all recite together)

Be Thou spat upon, O APEP (4x as people spit on Apep again)

Get thee back, thou rebel; be thou annihilated! Verily we have burned thee, verily we have destroyed thee, we have condemned thee to all ill, that thou mayest be annihilated, that thou mayest be utterly spat upon, that thou may be utterly non-existent. Mayest thou be annihilated, be thou annihilated, mayest thou be utterly spat upon.

We have destroyed APEP THE FOE OF Ra; Ra is triumphant over thee, O APEP (4x as people throw Apep in the fire)

And the People are triumphant over their foes (4x all recite together)

Sisters and Brothers, gather ‘round now that our work is done.

Oh Ra, come, look with thine eye upon what we have done to the body of APEP. His house is destroyed, his wall ruined, his body destroyed in Yat-Pega. But thine heavens are stablished, thy cities firm-founded. Be thou enduring; be thou flourishing; be thou hale; be thou youthful, youthful; rise, rise, shine, shine, every day. Mayest thou appear in the Bark, thy heart being glad; mayest thou trust in thy children.

For APEP has fallen into the fire and glad is the heart of Amon-Ra, Lord of the Heavens, for his foe has fallen under him. Aker has taken away his strength, we have cut away the flesh from his bones, we have made him as one non-existent.

Ra is triumphant over APEP (4x)
Thoth, the efficacious of magic, lord of letters, is triumphant over his foe (4x) So Mote it Be!


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